Welcome Dear Visitors,

I am Mrs. Mariann Fischer, the owner of Maryann's Golden Roses Kennel

My eternal friendship and endless love of dogs started in my childhood. I am firmly concerned that you can hardly find such an honest, loving friend - loving you without conditions – as your own dog.
They are really true friends of their owners and very cheerful, they can even cheer up their sometimes troubled owners.
That’t why I love dogs so much, without them life would be so empty.

I fell in love with dogs nearly 20 years ago when we raised ’the big bears with violet tounge’ the chow-chow species with my husband. We have participated in many national and international competitions with our dogs with good results.

The deep love of the chow-chow puppies remained in our heart forever.

In the summer of 1992 we noticed a special spiece in the International Dog Encyclopedia, the charming Japenese Chin with Bambi eyes.

With great enthusiasm started we to search for them and soon we brought 2 bitches and 1 boar from the Netherlands. We became the Hungarian naturalizers.

They each achieved great results, one of them, Oyumi - we are very proud of her – won the Young European Winner title.

In the last ten years we were involved in other businesses but we always had dogs. We live together with our 2 westy dogs and the hanavese dogs. They are family members in fact, they are our grandchildren.

It happened accidently that we have actually fallen in love with the kind, smart and playful hanavese dogs.

We were enchanted by their charming personality immediately.

We started a NEW chapter of our life...

We are willing to give all the bests to our loved ones.

All my desire is to be a responsible, reliable and honest dog-raiser.

Mrs. Mariann Fischer